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            Endangered species and the number that remain inspire me.  I want my art to tell small stories about the numbers I incorporate into the pieces.  These numbers represents the population count of each particular threatened species.  Using both my own and found photos I do a carving or etching of an endangered animal's portrait and include the corresponding number, and sometimes I include diagrams.  Each print pays tribute to the featured animals.  With a heavy math and science background, I am always interested  in species counts and their current populations.


            My primary medium is printmaking, but most of my work uses mixed media and various techniques including pen and ink and encaustic.  Combining different methods of printmaking in multiple layers on prints thrills me.  I adore a strong graphic image and enjoy the work it takes to produce a hand-pulled print.


             I feel like I can reach people through this idea of making them associate the numbers with the particular animal that's going extinct.  I feel like there's a tremendous countdown, and I have to somehow record these animals before they don't exist any longer.