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     Emmalee Carroll lives and works in the greater East Bay in Northern California.  She is influenced by the natural world and especially endangered species and their dwindling numbers.  After a few semesters studying biology at UC Berkeley, Carroll decided to pursue her love for printmaking instead and received a BFA from UCB in 2009.  The sciences still play an important part in shaping the direction of her printmaking.

      Carroll is in the process of getting her MFA in printmaking at the Academy of Art University and recently was granted a scholarship for a summer in Italy Study Abroad program.  She also just completed a 14 day artist residency in Venice in August 2011 in which she made prints on the island of Murano at the Venice Printmaking Studios.

     While managing a pet store, Carroll has the unique experience of raising and being involved with rare birds.  This opportunity to propagate endangered species has given her great amounts of inspiration for her prints.

     She runs the entire gamut of printmaking mediums - but currently lithography, relief, and mixed media are her favorites...with book arts and letterpress a close second.

     Carroll runs Pearl Handle Press in Concord, California and has participated in several group shows in galleries throughout the Bay Area including the Worth Ryder Gallery and the June Stiengart Gallery.